Filter Media Sand

Filter Media Sand
Product Description
Offered Filter Media Sand is a clean and natural product, which is helpful for applications such as waste water filtration, swimming polls filtration and drinking.  our sand has increased surface area and has an advanced particulate holding capacity.

Filter Media Sand is that sand that is used a filter media. This kind of sand beside finding apt use in pool filters and waste water treatment plants, is extensively used for decorative coatings, slip-resistant surfaces, wet-sandblasting and soil-density testing. Keeping in view several uses of this sand in not just filtration system but also in textured and decorative coating and other industrial works, our company as a trusted manufacturer provides top-most quality of Filter Media Sand that comes in filter sand size.

Key Points

  • Removes hazardous elements from in-filtered water during filtration process.
  • Capable to remove smallest particles of fine solid from the water in filtration
  • Filter sand size, angular shape and consistency are the essential filter sand characteristics that ensures correct filtering.
  • Used in aquariums, water purification systems, etc.

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